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Welcome to GABRIEL'S :Untying knots and solving organization's problems.

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

We blog about International Development, Management, Sdg's, Philanthropy, Entrepreneurship, Luxury, and all our passions and thoughts and ruminations...

GABRIEL'S: Untying Knots - Picture Vasilis Caravitis Unsplah

Did you ever wanted to start a project or launch a new venture and didn't know where to start? You have been promoted and need to design your strategic plan and don't know how? you would like to enhance your visibility, expand your activities or find partners oversee and your are stuck? You are in the right place!

Our company GABRIEL'S Global Consulting (Initially GABRIEL'S Private & Luxury Services) is a Global Consulting Agency providing advice and technical support to C-suite and Sr. staff globally. We work with reknown partners experts in their fields. Just ask!

Angele Ventugol Onyie on: Why I became Consultant & serial Entrepreneur

Today, our company GABRIEL'S Global Consulting is celebrating its 7th Anniversary, and for me it make now 18 years in the Consulting industry. After working for many years in major companies such as Shell Petroleum, Vodafone, Canal+, Teleperformance, Monaco Telecom Group, in Europe, US, and Africa, I decided to launch my own company. I faced many challenges, went back to school and also became a serial entrepreneur.

I founded this company to help C-suite, leader, manager, entrepreneur like you, by sharing articles, tips, success and failures, and also my passions, ideas and projects. I have the great priviledge to work with likeminded partners internationally.

Feel free to comment and share your stories with us.

Funny facts

I was 9 when I launched my first business, selling eggs to my brothers and sisters at home and never stopped then. As long as I can remember, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and loved untie every kind of knots: necklaces, ropes, and later microphone wires (when I was a singer). It was natural for me to become a consultant, helping my customers solve problems, find innovative solutions and enhance their visibility with Global communications strategy.

What next?

+18 years later, I still love my job and I have learn a lot along the way with my successes and my mistakes. I want to share my tips and stories with you. Feel free comment like, share.

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All my best,

Angele V. Onyie MBA, MPA, MS.

Founder & CEO GABRIEL'S Global Consulting.

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